Providing good services but suffering with lock of customers, maybe your booking or checkout page is the one to blame? May be partially. Especially for new customers

Our Team

We are a small, friendly team of programmers and UX designers who are passionate about all small businesses, service providers and freelancers benefitting from an easier way to organise their schedules. We try to limit the time spent on coordinating appointments for busy professionals. Common negative reviews for medical or dental practices are “I can’t even arrange an appointment to see the doctor…” or “The dentist is great, but scheduling a suitable time is a headache…” Let your front desk step in for the cases that cannot be resolved through Uppointment (such as a late cancelation) and leave everything else to our software.

We follow the latest trends and changes in today's dynamic world. We innovate to make your customer’s experience the best possible. We are constantly working to improve our software to keep up with today’s technologies.
Whenever new exciting advances in technology are announced, our team brainstorm to determine if we can implement these into Uppointment to benefit your customers.

We don’t forget your in-house staff. If a customer still prefers to make a booking by phone or email, we ensure your front desk will have all the tools to find the right spot for them.

Our Product

Uppointment is a completely integrated booking system. This encompases the booking portal, an option to view and agree to the legal documents (such as terms and conditions) and an optional payment portal. You have control to customize all of the steps involved in your booking system according to your needs. Confirmation, reminder and follow-up messages are sent to your clients automatically.
Easy for your customers. They have the option to create a profile when they make a booking. No app installations, a simple form does everything.

We make it easy for you and your team to manage appointments, payments, customers and services

Are you providing good services but suffering from a lack of customers?

Maybe your booking system or checkout page are to blame! Especially in the case of new customers.

Essential for freelancers working from home, teachers and instructors, school tutors, personal trainers, movers, plumbers, electricians and other service providers operating as solo businesses who are both looking to organize their schedule and for a better booking system experience for their clients.

A must have for teams of any size: Small teams, such as a barber shop with 2-3 barbers or a medical office with a few practitioners. Medium-sized teams, such as amateur sports teams. Large teams, such as a limo company/charter tour operator with a fleet of 30 cars/buses
or online schools. Medical offices with multiple practitioners or spa salons will also benefit.
Contact us for help in determining which plan is most suitable for your team.

Contact us if you have questions

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