Uppointment designed to make one of the most important parts of your business - booking and payment for appointments to be as easy as possible for your customers. It’s built with your front desk help in mind, so they can manage appointments faster in optimized and more accurate way.

Faster booking

Your clients can book fast and easy.

No calling required - everything online. Simply go to your website and schedule. Your clients/ patients see what’s available.

Mobile friendly

No apps installation. No ads. No switching to something else while plan was to book an appointment with you.
Works on all smartphones and mobile devices. No push notifications but automatic text scheduled appointments reminders and confirmations.

Easy payments

Let your customer choose the way they like to pay when they are booking your services.
Credit card, paypal, apple pay... With uppointment your customers book and pay faster.
Free appointments can be scheduled too - it’s up to you.

Proven User’s Experience

Uppointment booking form comes with best UX for your clients and optimized for most popular mobile and desktop devices.
Even the longest customized forms are easy to fill out and book.
All updates checked for compliance with all popular browsers.

Ready to use

We can help to integrate uppointment into your website.
No compromise on design required. Free and fast installation
Many options to add to your website, our widget or API.
Don’t have website? Send your booking form to your clients as a link.

Fully automatic

Uppointment works even when your office closed.
Customer may schedule or reschedule or cancel appointments whenever they are ready.
With automatic confirmation.
You’ll have all activities forwarded to your email, just in case.

Scheduled reminders

Automatic reminders sent to your customers before appointments. So you have less no-show and late appointments. By email and/or text. Your office life and clients flow gets better organized.

Cancellation policy or liability waiver.

Electronic signature.

Easy Integrations

With 3rd party apps that your clients acustom to use. Google calendar

Email campaigns

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Easy registration

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Modern websites in no time

Browse our large selection of ready to use websites for different business categories. Done with UX in mind, mobile-first design and built in Uppointment booking software in every form. Upgrade your IT presence today.

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