Best User Experience forms for your website

Make most of your website by adding fool-proof and easy-to-use forms that your clients can fill before the appointment. Industry's standard forms, legal forms, or custom forms unique to your business filed online are printer-friendly and can be sent as copies by email.

  • Medical offices
  • Real estate and Landlords
  • Leasing companies
  • Financial and mortgage companies.
  • Daycares and after-school activity centers
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Make your website work For you and your customers

Filling out required forms at your place results in a longer wait time for your customers and extra work for your front desk reps. We'll securely store your clients' data, so their following form on your website will be pre-filled with all already known info.

We will sync data from your web forms with your existing software, so you don't have to reenter it manually.

Forms, surveys, applications, Signed and ID

Any form for your customers comes with User's Experience (UX) in mind and will work great on any device.

  • Initial intake forms
  • Waivers and disclaimers
  • Credit applications
  • Lease and rental agreements
  • Custom forms and applications
  • Request a signature and turn the web form into a signed document.

Add a request to scan ID, so you have it before your client or patient first visit.

Save time and efford

Opensense is the most feature-rich email signature brand protection for enterprise

Customers love our intuitive and easy-to-use forms, and so will do your team, including the legal department, billing, and front desk staff. When required by law and regulations to be submitted in hard copy format, you'll get your documents printed out with just a click or a few.

Automation is available, so your web forms will work, such as intake to a disclaimer and then survey.

Web forms save trees too.

Unique as your business is. Custom forms available.

Even within the most popular categories such as medical offices, real estate, moving and relocation, leasing companies, daycare, and after-school activity centers, and financial and mortgage companies, not all businesses are the same.

We can adjust any standard in your industry form and application to your needs or create a unique document for your business.

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