Easy to book, hard to miss. For all types of service providers and their customers at anytime on any device.
Your frontdesk would love it too.

Beauty salons and Spas

Unisex salons and barber shops, mani-pedi and massage salons

Let your clients book your services anytime

GYMs and Personal Trainers

Yoga studios and After-school programs. Art classes and sport activities for kids and adults.

Your students sign up for the next class on the go

Medical and Dental offices

Physicians and Dentists, Chiropractors and Physical therapists.

Hassle free appointments for your patients 24/7

Tour operators and local guides

One-day tours and weekend programs. Bus, boat, velo, walking, hiking and all kinds of guided tours.

Provide your customers with best checkout experience.

Training and Master classes

One-on-one updo hair or manicure master class. Snowboard or skateboard clinics and wine tastings. Cooking and home-made jewelry lessons.

Have your classes booked and paid in no time.

Cleaning and Junk Removal services

Residential and commercial cleaning. Debris removal and lease-return car detailing.

Airbnb maids and handymans.

Easy to schedule and payment optimized checkout

Limo companies and Uber drivers

Charter and Limousine companies. Car share drivers and Man-with-a-van.

Have your regular clients know your schedule and request your service directly.

Offer your clients best way to book a trip

Freelancers and Online schools

web designers and foreign language classes.

tutoring and group lessons.

easiest way to arrange meetings and track your schedule

Law firms and accountants offices

Lawyers and paralegals, multi-attorney law firms and independent counselors.

Financial advisors and consulting groups

Bookkeeping corporations and seasonal accountants

For all busy professionals to make tight schedule better organized and for best customer service experience.

Real Estate agencies and Sales people

Real estate agents and appraisals.

House inspectors,Title agents and Escrow officers

Arrange open houses, meetings and closings easier with all parties involved in property sales.

Restaurants and Bakeries

set up interactive menu and have your take out orders ready on time