Send your email marketing better than ever with Uppointment.

Take advantage of built-in deliverability and recipient engagement management. A dedicated email marketing expert assigned to your account will optimize your marketing campaigns to the latest email providers guidelines for higher opens, clicks, and leads.

Have constant feedback on your domain reputation with mailbox providers and get expert advice on how to improve your open rate, click rate, and other essential data so you can adjust your marketing campaign and improve performance.

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Uppointment's Emails deliverability services

We take the deliverability of your marketing campaigns seriously and handle it with care. We utilize complex and compelling validation of every campaign, using a combination of analytics, algorithms, and human reviewing

  • A dedicated account manager will help you to set up and monitor your account.
  • No more emails landing in SPAM
  • Tools to get a winning strategy; A/B testing subject lines, recipients groups, send times, etc.
  • Real-time stats in value, clicks, and leads.
  • A custom deliverability strategy and domain reputation monitoring
  • Periodical reports on your email campaigns' performance
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Marketing for Growth

Send your marketing approach to the next level with our full range of helpful and easy-to-use tools.

Precise targeting and fine segmentation of your contacts help you generate more leads and promote engagement that converts leads into loyal customers.
Increase awareness, bring in more sales, and build excellent customer relationships with tailored and relevant email marketing campaigns, personalized content, and product recommendations.

Detailed reputation monitoring

It won't take much of your time to monitor your campaign's reputation and email performance with all our effective instruments.

Rest assured that you have not missed any red flags, knowing that your account manager constantly tracks all of your email sending.

Algorithms and guidelines for email deliverability change often, and without an expert, you will always face issues with your sending.
Your account manager makes sure that all of your emails are sending successfully.

Intuitive templates and automation

Turn your idea into a professional email in minutes.
Announce promotions, new products, and service launches or send newsletters. Whatever your marketing strategy, you can set an email that will stand out from the crowd in few minutes.

Uppointment's customizable email templates are user-friendly at it's best and ready to exceed your marketing goals.
Suppose you are offering a new product or announce inventory clearance on your website. In that case, you can embed a link to the product directly into an email, making it incredibly easy for your customers to purchase from email with a single click.

At Uppointment, we went even further and offered you intuitive, user-friendly email marketing automation tools.
Complete marketing automation comes with every Uppointment's monthly premium plan. Enjoy.

Communicate, stay close and personal with your customers.

Turn more leads into long-lasting relationships with Uppointment's practical and straightforward features built to allow you to communicate with your potential and existing customers.

Our software will collect and store all sales-relevant data about your clients and provide all the tools you need to deliver memorable experiences and create strong relationships.
With us, it's now easier than ever to stay in touch with your customers and drive more sales for your business.

Our tech support team will connect your website to Uppointmet to trigger all of your email campaigns based on your business type and user's activity on your website, such as a pageview, click, wishlist, purchase, promo codes, etc.

Сontact sales

Don't let outdated and overpriced tools slow your business down.

Free of charge, our tech support helps you to import your contact from Mailchimp, ConstantContact, or Mailgun. Let your business grow as never before with our advanced email delivery platform.

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