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Book new and recurring appointments faster with Uppointment’s powerful scheduling software. Take the live engagement and customer service involvement out of connecting so your business can accomplish more.

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  • Local delivery
  • Construction and renovation
  • Real estate and landlords
  • Online classes scheduler
  • After school activities
  • Beauty salons, spas and barber shops
  • Law offices
  • Medical offices
  • Personal trainers
Instantly show customers your services availability

Show your customers only available time frames for services or meetings you offer. Our powerful appointment scheduling software gives a clear visual snapshot of your availability and easy interface to book a service or delivery.

Stay in control of your schedule

Manage multiple locations, products and service providers. Have a full control of your calendar with customizable terms (no-show, cancelation policy etc), deposits, payment options and more

Professional approach from step 1

Scheduling appointments is the very first step for your loyal and potential customer, that’s why it is very important to be done right.
Lot of changes and constant updates can look unprofessional. Uppointment’s scheduling interface clearly shows that you care.

Professional tone before and after meeting

Easily prepare and automatically send online intake forms and waivers to get appointments rolling without delays. Get paid when a customer books a spot. Send follow up recommendations, survey forms and invoices for remaining balance (co-pays, additional charges etc) - automatically too.

Fill your schedule 24/7

Lighten the load and make it easier for your team to manage schedule-reschedule routine.
Have your Uppointment link embedded on your website or add your booking link to your social accounts and turn followers into loyal customers.

Drastically reduce no-show and late appointments

Set text and email reminders to cut down on no-snow and reschedules.

How it works

Organize your business calendar in no time.

Easy setup.

Quickly set your services
availability and prices.

Share your link

Embed Uppointment widget on your website and share your link via social media sites. Send it by text, email or whatsapp.

Done. New booking rolls in

Customers select services, pick available time and add it to your calendar.
Our checkout for paid services is as easy and user friendly as booking.

Get paid. Seamlessly

For paid appointments and classes our scheduling software comes with an easy, multi payment options checkout. Accept credit cards using built in Uppointment Pay with industry-low rates, starting at 2.99% or in a matter of a few clicks add your own merchant account.

Uppointment’s booking is quick and easy to use for your customers and your team. Our scheduling software is an intuitive and ready-to-use solution for businesses. No coding required, but if you are too busy, help is just a click away.